LeBron James established himself as the best player in the world about six years ago. He carried the Cleveland Cavaliers to the best record in the league two years in a row, moved to Miami, got to The Finals three times, and won two championships.
This season, Carmelo Anthony set a new Madison Square Garden record, Kevin Durant has put up 40-plus on a regular basis, and Terrence Ross (Terrence Ross?) dropped 51. And as all these other guys were putting up big scoring numbers, you realized that it had been almost nine years since the league’s best player had established his career high of 56 points, a number less than the career highs of guys like Gilbert Arenas, Michael Redd, Jerry Stackhouse and Deron Williams.

LeBron James大約從6年前開始奠定他世界最佳籃球員的地位,先是連續兩度帶領騎士打出聯盟第1的戰績,轉到熱火後又三度打進總決賽,並且贏得兩次總冠軍。
這個球季進行到現在為止,Carmelo Anthony刷新了麥迪遜花園廣場的得分記錄,Kevin Durant拿40分以上就跟家常便飯一樣,甚至Terrence Ross(有沒有搞錯?)也砍了一場51分的比賽。當其他球員不斷創造得分新高時,這名聯盟最佳球員上次創造生涯最高得分記錄的56分,已經是9年前的事情了,而這個數字還輸給許多人,像是Gilbert Arenas、Michael Redd、Jerry Stackhouse和Deron Williams。

Well, James went and got his on Monday, dropping 61 on the Bobcats, the same team that surrendered Melo’s 62 less than six weeks ago. According to the Elias Sports Bureau, Charlotte is the first team to allow more than one 60-point game in the same season since 1962.
Here’s James’ shot chart, which includes just one bucket from the right side of the floor …

星期一的比賽中James總算以61分再創新高,而對手正是6週前讓Melo攻下62分的山貓隊。根據統計權威公司ESB(Elias Sports Bureau)的資料,夏洛特山貓是自1962年球季以來,唯一在單一球季兩次被人海灌60分以上的球隊。


Here’s the NBA.com/stats video of all 22 of his field goals.


A few more thoughts and numbers…
James shot 22-for-33, but didn’t make more than three straight shots until he ran off six straight spanning the third and fourth quarters.
James’ eight 3-pointers tied his career high, set in February of 2009. The 12 total shots he hit from outside the paint also tied a career high.
James shot 10-for-12 in the restricted area. He has shot 40-for-43 in the restricted area in his last five games and leads the league in restricted area field goal percentage (minimum 100 attempts) at 79.8 percent, the highest mark of his career.


James shot 3-for-5 (3-for-4 from 3-point range) on catch-and-shoot jumpers and 8-for-13 (5-for-6 from 3-point range) on pull-up jumpers. For the season, he has an effective field-goal percentage of 67.4 percent on catch-and-shoot jumpers, a mark that ranks second (behind only Kyle Korver) among 200 players who have attempted at least two per game. He has an effective field goal percentage of 42.1 percent on pull-ups, a mark that ranks 41st among 84 players who have attempted at least two per game.
According to SportVU, he shot 67 percent on both contested shots (10-for-15) and uncontested shots (12-for-18).

James的catch-and-shoot接球投籃是5投3中(三分球3-4),pull-up拔起跳投是13投8中(三分球5-6)。這個球季以來他在catch-and-shoot的eFG%是非常漂亮的67.4%,在200位每場至少出手兩次的球員中排名第2(只輸給Kyle Korver)。在pull-up的部份,eFG%則是42.1%,在84位每場至少出手兩次的球員中,只能排到第41名。

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